Sunday, May 20, 2018

Merry & The Beanstalk

This is one of the things I just had to do. We have a dieffenbachia (or dumbcane) which is a gorgeous plant, and since we repotted it and changed its location it is splendid. But saw it and kept seeing the thick stalk and the huge leaves... and I couldn't stop thinking that it would be the perfect beanstalk for Merry. And she, being as naïve as is she, she would have thought the story was true.

So, as an adult, I did what was expected to me. Asked my mom for some beans, which she gladly provided though she didn't understood why I asked for "3 beans" (what can you do with only 3 beans, exactly?), and the proceeded to paint them in gold, to manufacture some magic beans for a photostory xD You don't understand, I just had to!! I took all of these photos laughing alone while my cat was trying to divert my attention to his yoga, but I remained focused, posing Merry on my dumbcane.

Anyways, there is a very short story under the cut, of course!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Roomie for Bday ~ Story Time

Hey there! This new story had a lot of delay but it is finally on time! I actually made so many props for this! Besides both outfits, I made the couch (see the tutorial her), the frames, the coffee table, the plants, the cushions, and the bag for the teddy-bear (which is actually from a key-chain, hence why it is so size appropriate).
A year ago, Coco had to spend her bday alone, but no more! She got herself a roomie! So, this is the story, and I hope you will like it. Also, happy 5th bday to Coco!!! As always, time passes by and I feel like it moves twice as fast as it should. Oh well, let's get on with the photos and story.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cardboard Couch Tutorial

Hey there!! Well, you know me: I've been wanting to have some furniture for my 1/4 dolls, so I finally decided to go ahead and make something! On Instagram, StyledByIko made several couches, so I wanted to do one. I asked her permission to make one and share a tutorial and pattern, and she said yes. So here it is!

The following video contains the instructions on the couch, and I made the pattern in a PDF so you can dowload it. The pattern is not ready to cut! Since the couch is made of cardboard rectangles, the pattern simply shows the measures and quantities I used, and you will need to use those measures to mark the rectangles on the cardboard. It is easy, I promise!

Anyways, there are some photos of Coco enjoying her new couch under the cut!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kularien's Lyalya: Interview + References

Sometime ago I interviewed Lisa Babenko, aka Kularien, from KCDoll. She is a Russian BJD artist and she is known for making amazingly detailed 22~27cm fashion BJDs.

Currently, she made a 17cm tiny girl, named Lyalya, similar to the style of traditional tiny BJDs. So, this post has a small interview with Lisa about Lyalya, and there are a lot of reference photos! From posing, to blank photos, face-ups styles and customization, and a comparison with a Fairyland Pukipuki. I hope you will find this interesting!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Interview with Aileendoll KR & EU

Back in 2014 I interviewed Aileendoll. You can read that original interview here. But lately, I've been doing all of the Plapico videos and posts... and in one of them, I asked about making a second interview, focused on the Plapicos. Guess what? This is it! And it comes with a plus!

Therefore, today I'm happily sharing with you an interview with Mr. Kim from Aileendoll Korea, with info, questions and special announcements about the Plamodel Pico dragons! And also, I made the very first podcast interview video with Judit from Aileendoll Europe! As we did this online, and it was my first time, please be a little kind about the audio.

So! This is how this interview is organized.

  • Judit's interview is here before the cut on the video. It has English and Spanish subtitles. All the footage and photos on the video were supplied by her, and used with permission.
  • Mr. Kim (Aileendoll KR) interview is under the cut. It is a traditional written interview in English and Spanish, with the photos provided by them. They are used with permission.
I hope you will enjoy this, so let's get started!